CP6607 Repair Parts

Seat Sport AP Racing Caliper Repair Parts. CP6607-8S0:SEA & CP6607-9S0:SEA

Please note there is no supporting drawing for this caliper.  Contact us for assistance.

Part ref. Item number   Item name Notes Quantity required
A CP3160-106ST SCREW-M06x012 BUT M6 Screw. 4
CP4949-114 SEAL PISTON-1.50 STD Piston Seal 1.50. 4
CP4970-124 SEAL O/R-08.10x1.60 O-Ring -8 10 x 1.60. 2
CP4970-125 BLEEDSCREW-M10 (O/RING) M8 Bleed screw. 2
CP4970-133 BLEEDSCREW CAP-RUBBER Rubber Bleedscrew cap. 2
CP5200-124 RETAINERPAD-M08x064.6STL M8 Pin Tube. 2
CP5555-156ST BOLTMC-M08x092 CAP M8 Cap-head bolt. 2
CP6200-103 WEARPLATEN17.0x1.20 Wear Plate. 4
CP6200-104 PISTON-1.50x38.1ALU-DRT 1.50 x 38.1 Ali Piston. 4
J CP6200-114 SEAL DIRT-1.50 Dirt Seal 1.50. 4
CP6607-124 CLIP ANTI-RATTLE 25DISC Anti-rattle clip. 1
CP6607-29CR3 PIPE ASSY-213xM10 Cross over pipe. 1
CP7600-109 PAD RETAINING PIN 095. Pad retaining pin. 2

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