Brake Shoe Reline

Applicable for the following: Vintage, Classic and Modern Road & Race Cars All Motorsport & Racing Vintage, Classic and Modern Motorcycles Campervans, Lorries & Trucks Vintage, Classic and Modern Tractors Agricultural Machinery Buses and Coaches Various style of Trailer Brakes All our materials asbestos free. We can reline your existing shoes in a woven or performance material. We remove all existing material, clean the shoe then bond & rivet the new material to the shoe. If you prefer no rivets for any reason, then this can be omitted, although this is a standard process for us. The temperatures that can be achieved by brake shoes can somewhat push the capability of the glue, the rivets are there to minimise the possibility of material slip under extreme condition. Send your existing or spare shoes to us using a reputable tracked service, include your contact details and requirements; we will acknowledge the receipt of your shoes and proceed with job. We will then contact you’re for payment once your shoes are ready to be dispatched. Our turnaround is usually about a week depending on how busy we are. The address to send them to is: Questmead Ltd Shoe Relines The Lodge, Meadowcroft Mill, Off Bury Road, Rochdale, OL11 4AU

Should you require a phone number for the carrier please use: +44 (0) 1706 363939

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