Light Bars & Spots

RF Series

PIAA LED light bars are different from every other light bar out there. The RF Series feature Reflector Facing Technology (RFT) that concentrates and focuses beam pattern of the reflector-facing LED bulbs more precisely than forward facing LED lights.

S-RF Series

The all new S-RF Series Ultra Slim light bars brings unmatched lighting performance in a slimmed down package. Compact ultra low profile, 1.8” high housing which makes it the perfect option for limited space.

V-RF Series

The V-RF Series are an even slimmer more powerful version of the S-RF Series.

Quad Series

Quad XCT Wide Angle Optics with Edge Technology lamp combine a 20 degree driving beam paired with twin 170 degree angled cornering lighting to blanket the road, woods or trail in the darkest conditions.

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