Code: HALO-P1-600ML

Name: Halo P1 Specialist Racing Brake Fluid - 600ML

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Developed by specialists specifically for track use, Halo P1 boasts unique Fade Resistant Technology. Its formulation begins with the purest methyl borate ester base structure, ensuring a solid foundation for optimal performance. Specially selected, high-quality additives are then incorporated to enhance its capabilities.

Halo P1 is the brainchild of Orthene, distinguished brake fluid experts with over 45 years of experience in crafting high-performance brake fluids for both road and racing applications. This pedigree underscores its reliability and effectiveness on the track.

One of its key features is its ability to ensure low and stable compressibility across an extended temperature range. This characteristic results in a more consistent pedal feel throughout the entirety of a race, contributing to driver confidence and control.

Furthermore, Halo P1's composition imparts an extremely high polarity to the fluid molecules. This high polarity causes the molecules to repel each other, rendering the fluid highly resistant to compression even at elevated temperatures. As a result, the brake system maintains its responsiveness and effectiveness under demanding racing conditions.

With a high boiling point of 646°F/341°C, Halo P1 is engineered to withstand intense heat encountered during track use. Combined with its unique blend of high-quality additives, this brake fluid effectively protects performance, maintains low compressibility, and significantly reduces brake fade, ensuring consistent braking performance throughout demanding race situations.

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